What to Expect
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  • The virtue of hardwork is taught. In SCOSSI, holiday rests are only merited through hardwork. You need to pass your exams to earn a holiday
  • All our students, all around the year, are fully covered under the SALUS TRUST STUDENT Health Care Scheme to enhance physical fitness.
  • The virtues of daily living and morality are taught as a matter of necessity
  • The students have a broad exposure and are taught to manage many, difficult, diverse and challenging tasks responsibly. The initial classes in the Junior and Senior Secondary offer an average of 22 subjects and gradually narrow down until the subjects for the final exams are chosen by the 3rd Term of SS 2.
  • The Sciences are introduced even in the Junior Secondary
  • Additional but helpful subjects like Etiquette, Latin and Christian Doctrine are part of the Curriculum
  • Mathematics is demystified. Further Mathematics is offered up to SS 3 to sharpen the student IQ.
  • Students are taught to be independent and detached from unnecessary ties.
  • We have daily Mass, monthly Recollections and a host of other spiritual activities that leave the students convinced of the prime place of God in life